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Discover the pure Swedish nature by canoe during a seven-day Canoe Trip in the breathtaking county of Värmland.

Into The Wild

At the border of Sweden and Norway, you can find one of the most pristine natural reserves in Scandinavia: Värmland, a place where you can drink fresh water straight from the lakes and where camping in the wild is still allowed. It's the ideal setting for the adventure of the year: The Canoe Trip.

Over the course of seven days, you and your trusty canoe will travel from one island to another. On the first day of the trip, we will teach you how to steer your canoe and you will receive all the instructions you need in order to survive the next six days in nature! You also get a trailbook with survival tips, the prepared route and the most beautiful places to sleep.

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It's the journey, not the destination

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We have prepared an itineraries in Värmland that will take you to the most beautiful lakes and rivers. You can choose to follow our prepared route, or you can choose to make your own route. Our prepared route contains some shortcuts and extensions so you always have a route that fits your condition.

The route makes a loop, starting at our basecamp. You can also choose to switch trails, in which case you will need land transport to get your canoe to the next spot; simply mount it on wheels and tow it to the next little lake.

  • The Short Trail * is a route of +- 70km if you take the shortcuts recommended for adventurers that wish to relax and take their time to enjoy the scenery.
  • The Standard Trail ** is a route of +- 90km suitable for adventurers that have a good basic physical condition.
  • The Long Trail *** with all the extension is a route of +- 120km and is only recommended for trained athletes.

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Camping in the wild...

We will show you the best camping spots along the route in our Trailbook. You will be able to make a fire and set up camp on these spots. You may encounter other Canoe Trippers on these spots and of course you can always opt to camp on your own private island. At the beginning of the trip, you will receive a camping permit which grants you permission to camp anywhere in the Värmland.

After 6 days of canoeing you will return to our basecamp. In case you are delayed somewhere along the way, the trip can also be completed in 7 days, as the bus that will take you back home, leaves on day 7 in the evening.

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Silence isn't empty, it's full of answers

How to get there

Värmland is basically in The Middle of Nowhere: there is no international airport or train station. So to make things easy for you, we have arranged for a Royal Class bus that has stops in France: Paris (Saint-Denis) and Lille, Belgium ( Brussels ) and the Netherlands ( Utrecht ).

If you want to fly, it's best to go to Oslo Gardermoen Airport; from there you can take The Canoe Trip Shuttle bus to our base camp near Arjäng, Sweden.

The Schedule

  • You will receive all necessary instructions on the arrival day (Saturday). On Saturday evening you will stay at the basecamp.
  • From Sunday to Friday you will be on the beautiful rivers and lakes of Värmland. The final trip on Friday will take you back to our basecamp* where you will spend your last night.
  • On Saturday (last day) you will be able to rest or enjoy some activities around the camp, if you still have the energy. There will be a shuttlebus leaving to Oslo in the afternoon and a bus going back to the Netherlands And Belgium on Saturday night.
*Alternative: If you wish to do so you can also paddle 7 days instead of 6, at no extra cost. We do advise inexperienced participants to follow the original 6-day program. If you experience some fatigue or breakdown during your trip, the 6-day program will ensure you can still catch your bus back home.

The bus trip

If you are coming from France, Belgium or the Netherlands you can join the bus ride to Sweden. The bus will depart on Friday from Paris, Lille, Brussels & Utrecht and will arrive at base camp the next day (Saturday afternoon).

  • Departure from Brussels: Friday at 12:00
  • Departure from Utrecht: Friday at 15:00

The return from the base camp is scheduled on Saturday evening, and your arrival is scheduled on Sunday afternoon.

  • Arrival in Utrecht: Sunday late afternoon (depending on traffic)
  • Arrival in Brussels: Sunday evening (depending on traffic)
  • Arrival in Lille: Sunday evening (depending on traffic)
  • Arrival in Paris: Sunday evening (depending on traffic)

The Airport Shuttle

The Airport shuttle from Oslo is not available due to the closed borders between Norwegian and Värmland. Date can be adjusted based on the latest information.

The nearest airport is Oslo Gardermoen. From there, we have organized a shuttle bus on Saturday (2 times a day). You can book a shuttle bus return ticket with your booking for € 59 per person.

  • Arrival Saturday: departures from Oslo Gardermoen at 12:30 and 17:30.
  • Departure Saturday: arrival in Oslo Gardermoen at 12:30 and 17:30


At the start of your trip you will receive a basic outdoor cooking set.

You can choose to bring your own food or you can opt for the official Canoe Trip Survival Foodpack for € 95 per person.


For 6 days you will be entirely by yourself in the wilderness, without electricity, technology or even instagram! This is a fantastic experience but of course there are some risks. Therefore we advice everybody to bring along a decent cellphone with a long battery life (and a powerbank). We will send you updates about the weather conditions by message. Enable it only occasionally so that you can receive any updates related to the weather or other info. At departure, all canoes will receive a GPS tracker with an alarm button, which you can use in case of an emergency.

The rangers will monitor the locations of each canoe 24/7 via our GPS system, and the rangers will have a car so they can drive to your location if necessary

What do I bring?

If it is your first time in a canoe, you will probably have a lot of questions. We will send you a checklist a couple of weeks before departure, but make sure to bring all of these things:

  • Tent, sleeping bag, mat
  • Old-fashioned mobile phone with long battery life
  • Sunscreen and a hat
  • Torch light
  • Lighters, matches
  • Plastic bags to keep your luggage dry when canoeing

It's important not to bring too much luggage - this will ensure the 'land transports' are not too intense. Aim for a luggage weight of 20 kg. per person.


You can take The Canoe Trip each week in the summer of 2020. There is a maximum of 15 boats per trail.

  • Sat 20 June - Sat 27 June - cancelled
  • Sat 27 June - Sat 4 July - cancelled
  • Sat 4 July - Sat 11 July - sold out
  • Sat 11 July - Sat 18 July - sold out
  • Sat 18 July - Sat 25 July - limited availability
  • Sat 25 July - Sat 1 August - last stock
  • Sat 1 August - Sat 8 August - sold out
  • Sat 8 August - Sat 15 August - last stock
  • Sat 15 August - Sat 22 August - sold out
  • Sat 22 August - Sat 29 August - limited availability
  • Sat 29 August - Sat 5 September - limited availability
  • Sat 5 September - Sat 12 September - sold out
  • Sat 12 September - Sat 19 September - sold out

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The price for The Canoe Trip starts at € 490 per person (see the calendar for the price of your preferred week), and includes:

  • Rental of a two-person canoe for a period of 6 days, incl. oars, life vest, rope, etc.
  • Bus transport to and from Värmland
  • Rental of a cooking set
  • Rental of a big container to keep your valuables safe and dry
  • Camping permit
  • Canoe instructions
  • Maps & route directions

Those that do not join us on the bus, pay €110 less

Those who take the airportshuttle from Oslo, pay €51 less

Optional: Canoe Trip Survival Food Pack: €95 per person

Optional: Cancellation & Travel Insurance: €59 per person

Warrant: For the rental of the equipment (canoe GPS-tracker, cooking set, etc.) we charge a deposit of €200. If you return everything as you received it, the deposit will be refunded within a maximum two weeks after the trip.

About us

The Canoe Trip is a concept of Travelbase. You can reach us at: info@thecanoetrip.org


Help! I've never been in a canoe before!

No worries, normally the instructions we give you on the first day are enough for anyone, with a basic healthy condition, to enjoy the trip!

What is included in the Survival Food Pack?

The Survival Food Pack contains 12 dry meals that need to be diluted with hot or cold water, breakfast (muesli, crackers, ...), snacks (energy bars) and drinks (milk powder and coffee). The exact list of the food pack will be sent to you a few weeks before departure, so if you wish you can bring some personal favorites from home.

Can I go fishing?

If you have a fishing license (you can get this at the location itself for SEK 200), you can fish in certain lakes you come across, where you will mainly find pike and bass.

Can I take my dog?

At the Canoe Trip we love dogs! So feel free to take your buddy with you. However, your dog can't travel on our bus or shuttle, so you will need to arrange your own means of transportation.

Other questions, check our FAQ!

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